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Whether visualizations, animations, VR or 3D printing: a good digital 3D model provides a strong foundation for successful projects. At Visual First, we build a model for you as the basis for any desired 3D creation – from idea to finished product.

At Visual First, one of our specializations is delivering a complete product. Starting from just a sketch, photo or 2D CAD drawing, we can turn it into a flawless digital 3D model. At Visual First we have extensive experience in creating 3D content. This includes digital sculpting, precise modelling of architectural or offshore projects, and the construction of print models for spare parts for use in the packaging industry, for example. Last but not least, we can supply such a model as an impression, animation, VR environment or 3D-printed model. Needless to say, this process always involves close contact with the customer. See our portfolio for a clearer idea of the range of possibilities.


3D printing

There are very few limitations to the possibilities of 3D printing, and at VisualFirst we are specialized in the optimal use of this technique to produce things like scale models, prototypes, spare parts and tailor-made gadgets. We have extensive experience in creating 3D-printable 3D models. Furthermore, we have our own printing studio at Visual First equipped with various types of 3D printers. This enables us to execute many projects in-house using the most appropriate technique. In view of the very fast pace of change in our industry, we also work together with a large number of 3D printing companies so that we can offer a suitable solution in every case.



Whether you provide us with a sketch, a 2D drawing, photos, a 3D drawing, a 3D model or a BIM model, we can turn all these different types of information into an exceptional impression or animation. Thanks to our extensive experience in architecture, offshore and product development, we are able to supply products that are aligned with each customer’s needs. Just some of the solutions we offer include photorealistic images, informative impressions, 360-degree images, animations, VR and AR. We can provide a suitable product in line with any requirement. We have access to a large network of specialists related to 3D scanning, sculpting and web design, and with their help we can meet your every need.


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