Classic Harley refurbished with 3D printing

Refurbishing a 1919 Harley Davidson is not easy. For a specific part of the ignition, the owner searched half the world in vain and a 3D print eventually offered the solution. Carl van de Rijzen of Visual First switched with 4C (Creative Cad Cam Consultants) for the scan and the 3D model, and with Stratasys […]

CAT propulsion

3D Print scale model CAT propulsion Commissioned by Pon Power and Bolier

Cat 3516

3D printed scale model from CAT 3516 with SCR module Combination of SLS en SLA 3D printing Commissioned by Pon Power  


3D print scale model from Mak 9 M 34 DF schip engine Scale 1:24 commissioned by bolier

NGH Bratislava

3D print NGH Bratislava, schaal 1:500 commissioned by Dutch Health Architects    

Sint Maartenskliniek

Scale model Sint-Maartens kliniek, schaal 1:500 commissioned by EGM architecten Milled base, buildings 3D printed in co-operation with Arche Architectuurpresentaties and 3D Project B.V. (3D Medical Solutions B.V.)

Sea 3750 Penta

3D prints of the Offshore vessel SEA 3750 Scale 1:200, 5 pieces commissioned by Penta Ocean Constructions Designed by GustoMSC

A Chocolate Factory Finds a Sweet Solution with 3D Printing to Replace Machine Parts

A Chocolate Factory Finds a Sweet Solution with 3D Printing to Replace Machine Parts If a metal component in a packing machine breaks several times a year during the high-speed process, could it be replaced by a durable 3D print that could be supplied faster? Here is an interview with 3D print expert Carl van […]

Daenerys Targaryen

3D print of Daenerys Targaryen 3D modelled by Andre Ferward

Schipluiden house

3D print house commissioned by

Michiel de Ruyter

3D print Michiel de Ruyter 3D modelled by Andre Ferward

Shrove Tuesday


Designed by Ramona Puegerl



3D print future office Russia, Skolkovo Designed by EGM architecten


3D print water tower, Aalsmeer commissioned by

Kade muur

3D print kadewal in Europoort, Rotterdam commissioned by Mobilis.  


Mol Police office